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When people look at the different kinds of massage available, they will find that the Japanese massage is unique. This is because Japanese massage was originally a form of Chinese medicine which has gone on to become a Japanese technique known as Shiatsu. With Shiatsu massage, the person getting the massage done does not have to take their dress off. The massage therapist will use finger pressure and the body's natural weight to help with the massage. Shiatsu uses the various types of pressure points in the body to help diagnose and treat various conditions, as well as to bring a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Like Chinese Qigong techniques and acupuncture, Shiatsu makes use of the Chi energy that is flowing through the body of the person. The fingers of the therapist not only find what problem the person is suffering from but also find the best way to treat the condition as well as apply preventative measures. Japanese massage has been many a time used to find problems originating in the bone and muscle structure, and has been found to help with the healing process for the nervous system, circulatory system muscles, and the internal secretion process. Shiatsu also stimulates the body to heal naturally when need be.

To be able to do right Shiatsu, the massage therapist needs to undergo many years of strict training. Remember they need to know how to diagnose various conditions and illnesses using their fingers only. Some massage therapists have combined Japanese massage with other techniques in an effort to enhance healing and produce better effects. The best massage therapists understand the problems a client may be facing. Shiatsu is considered a healing practice even more than a relaxing massage therapy. The body works hand in hand with the massage therapist to heal itself while the massage is being done.

Shiatsu is perhaps one of the modern forms of Japanese massage, originating in the early 1900s and born out of older techniques. While other massage therapies might use the forearms, elbows, and even the feet to accomplish various healing and relaxing motions on a patient, Shiatsu massage involves techniques using only the fingers and the palm of the hand. A skilled therapist of Shiatsu massage can not only relax someone, but can use his sense of touch to explore a person's body and find the points that need treatment the most. Like many Japanese massage and medical therapies, the theory behind Shiatsu massage is to help stimulate the body's natural immune response and ability to relax as a means of preventative medicine.

Shiatsu is actually a subset of a larger range of Japanese massage therapies known as Nihon Kaifuku Anma. This form of massage therapy came to Japan over 1300 years ago, and had already been practiced in China for years prior to this. This Japanese massage therapy works with deep tissue massage that is based on kneading motions. Unlike Western massage therapies, this Japanese massage technique is performed without the use of massage oils to reduce friction. Two massage techniques are unique to Anma, and these include kneading the body and the use of percussive techniques, which work by gently striking areas of the body. (Source:

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