Give A Sensual Foot Massage

A foot massage is both relaxing and sensual. You can give foot massage to yourself

or to your partner. It is somewhat strange that not many people indulge in this bit of luxury, perhaps because they are unaware that a person's feet are potential erogenous zones and comprise four sexual stimulation spots that are connected to the genitals. This is what makes foot massage not only relaxing, but sensual and arousing as well.

It is no big deal to give a sensual foot massage provided you know the basics. To begin with, prepare the feet for a treat. Soak the feet preferably in Epsom salt and wash them thoroughly. Epsom salt is an ideal choice because it has both therapeutic and relaxing properties.

In the next step, dry the feet using a soft towel. Select a suitable foot or massage oil to use for your foot massage. You can also prepare your own foot massage oil by blending 50ml sweet almond oil with six drops of sandalwood oil. Pour a small amount of oil into your hand and start massaging the oil into one of the feet. It is better if you are at the receiving end with your partner doing this for you. You can then relax and thoroughly enjoy every bit of this sensual treat!

The best place to start the massage is the top of the foot. Working about the toes, use slow and gentle motions to work the oil in. Then slowly move toward the ankles. Use your thumbs to massage the bottom of the foot as you proceed towards the ankles. Use light and firm pressure in turns so that the feet become relaxed and circulation flows smoothly.

Apply massage the soles of the feet also. As soles are often a little ticklish, take care to use deliberate, firm stroking which will provide a relaxing experience. Now do what you did earlier - start at the toes and work toward the heels, moving back to the toes again, this time working the sole as you move on. Repeat these motions as many times as you like for an extended period of pleasure.

To make the foot massage more sensual, you can add a romantic touch to it. The atmosphere will turn sensual just if you dim the lights, or decide to work by candlelight. You can also use a massage oil candle for two-in-one benefits. Light the massage oil candle as you soak, allowing the massage oil to melt. Now use the melted oil for foot massage. As the candle continues to burn, emitting light fragrance and melting further massage oil, a romantic ambience is created as you give your partner a sensual foot massage, and you get one back in return.

Disconnect the phone so that no one can disturb you during a foot massage. It's even better to put on some soft background music. Take care to remove your jewelry and cut your nails lest you hurt your partner. During a massage, avoid any scars and varicose veins. Watch your partner's reaction - vary the pressure you apply depending on how much he/she is enjoying it. Take it in turns to massage each other. In all fairness, sensual foot massage should be reciprocal. (Source:

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