Tantra Massage For Men

There are many pressures that men go through such as performance providing as well as to accomplish. Tantra massage is one such massage which is without any sort of goals. In a tantra massage the man is absolutely receptive. It is generally followed after a warm shower with a full body sensual massage which helps tune the man inward and focus the mind during engaging the pleasure receptors in the body. It helps in deepening a person's awareness.

As soon as the body is massaged as well as relaxed the spirit of the body is nurtured and awakened. The focus is of course on the first as well as the second chakras. These chakras are the known to be the area of the male g-spot or prostate gland which is well known to be the energetic access point for all energy which then leads to enlightenment. A digital but gentle technique is required for getting in touch with these subtle places with an increased receptivity. Eye contact, expert stimulation and even a conscious focus is used to heal the trauma or clear any kind of old as well as negative imprinting on the sub conscious.

Mostly the issues of sexual abuse at a young age or abandonment or even rejection may be accessed through the sexual centre. Most issues dealing with the securities, finances as well s commitment may reside in the muladhara or the root chakra which is located in the base of the spinal cord. A loving energy and a focused intention may help to bring these centers into harmony, heal all wounds given from the opposite sex and also increase the person's capacity to feel a pleasurable sensation.

The experience for every individual with tantra massage is absolutely different. Some men experience a full body orgasm, while there are others who may have a deep emotional release which is followed by immense pleasure. Maximum people would have strong dreams son after the massage for few nights. The important thing is that the men will be given a safe environment to feel as well as express whatever needs to come out. A devoted healer and guide would be there to support them. It's a feeling which will be transformative for the man as well as unforgettable.

Most would associate orgasm with ejaculation as lovemaking has become a performance as well as a race to orgasm. But sex should not looked at as a routine to release tension as it is not. Different parts of the nervous system activate the orgasm as well as ejaculation. Most occur simultaneously but they can be experienced separately and independent of each other. This means that men can have prolonged as well as multiple orgasms even without ejaculation.

With a tantra massage man will actually have the ability maintain a heightened level of arousal with frequent climaxes and pleasures which are unmatched. This would help a person learn about their inner body and what is going on inside them, their mind, body as well as spirit. Once a person can reach a multi orgasmic state then they will be able to be more emotionally intimate with their women and have a more comfortable time reaching their sexual bliss. (Source:


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