Tantra Lingam Massage

There are various kinds of massage that provide health benefits and other physical gains. The Tantra lingam massage is a spiritual tradition, which had its origin in India and had been invented about 4,000 years ago. The tantra lingam massage is a way of life that celebrates and strives for the union of body. Here importance is given to the union of the body along with the mind, heart and soul. Hence tantra can also be stated as a form of yoga, which means union and the ultimate purpose of Tantra is the union of lovers.

The principles of tantra believe to ultimately union with the Divine and in the Tantric tradition and massages, both sexuality and spirituality are joined. Here the lovers actually aim to invite god to their beds. There are many cultures, which have a variation of this challenging and delightful practice. These include the Taoists massages in China and the Cheyenne in North America. Even thought these are differences in practices, they are all forms of sacred sexuality.

Here the motive is to share the intentional cultivation and use of sexual energy in healing, spiritual growth, creativity and enhanced pleasure. During the 1800's the practices of Tantra were first introduced to the west and the Tantric revival during the late 1960s led to popularization of these practices in Europe and North America. Recently there have also been testimonials by celebrity musicians and movie stars who have promoted it.

Thus Tantra is becoming the sexual learning of choice and is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy a passionate sex life, healthy body and spiritual growth. The concepts of the tantric massages are to involve various forms of contractions and massages and even sound into the massage to evoke desire. The concept of this form of massage is based on sound, visualization, affirmations, creating a sacred loving space and other ceremonial practices. The use of meditation, sensual massage, and sexual play is also vital here.

For building high sexual energy charge the massage is suggested as this leads to enhanced pleasure and also helps the person getting the massage done to enjoy other blissful moments. The tantra massage helps you to continue to learn and advance, with never-ending potential for growth and scope of learning. The tantric massage is a practice that yields immediate results and thus people can experience a difference in the lovemaking process. This massage can be given to both the partners and even the partners can give the same to each other.

There are various vital factors here that should be considered and unlike the regular lovemaking, which has the goal of orgasm, this massage believes in making performance better. The approach often results in a great deal of frustration and performance anxiety as there is no goal, but there is a purpose, which is the union. These massages have become popular these days as most couples find less time to interact with each other and look for alternatives to seek reunions of the body and mind along with rejuvenating the soul and your spirit. (Source:


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